Motorola CPU

The first computer systems made by Silicon Graphics were terminals and workstations based on the Motorola 68000 CPU family.


The main focus of this website are the MIPS based workstations made by Silicon Graphics. Below you will find individual pages for each system made including specs and technical details.


Indigo R4000 front with yellow R4000 Elan badge.

Servers and Visualization Systems

Front of an Onyx 2 system.

Intel CPU

The Intel systems are listed for completeness sake. Some of the systems released by Rackable under the SGI brand name are listed in a separate section.


Visual Workstation 540


  • Altix 3000
  • Altix 330
  • Altix 350
  • Altix 4000
  • Altix 4700
  • Altix 450
  • Prism
  • Prism Deskside


  • Altix ICE blade platform
  • Altix XE210
  • Altix XE240
  • Altix XE310
  • Altix XE250
  • Altix XE320
  • Altix XE270
  • Altix XE340
  • Altix XE500
  • Altix XE1200 Cluster
  • Altix XE1300 Cluster


  • Virtu VS100 Workstation
  • Virtu VS200 Workstation
  • Virtu VS300 Workstation
  • Virtu VS350 Workstation
  • Virtu VN200 Virtualization System


On May 11, 2009 Silicon Graphics was acquired by Rackable Systems. Since then the company using the brand name SGI is different from the old Silicon Graphics. Rackable continues to expand the Altix line of servers. Additions include the Altix UV and newer models of the Altix ICE line.

Aside from this Rackable also uses some classic SGI trademarks in their new products. The Origin 400 and the Octane III are examples of this. These systems are clearly Rackable products and are not related to the classic SGI systems sharing these names.