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Using a PC-Mouse with wheel on IRIX.

In general all PS/2 mice should work on SGI systems with a PS/2 mouse port which includes for example workstations from Indy and Indigo 2 on. Since IRIX 6.5.16 the operating system has improved support for PS/2 mice and allows enabling of the mouse wheel in other way than being the third button. The pcmouse_mode systune controls the behaviour of the mouse. It is set this way (replace X for 0, 1 or 2 depending on your mouse):

systune pcmouse_mode X

The default for pcmouse_mode is 0, setting it to 1 should enable the mouse wheel which generates additional mouse events in X. Setting it to 2 supports devices with wheel and two additional buttons, which will generate the same events in X as the wheel.


Problem: 'hinv' in PROM shows drives on all SCSI IDs although there are not that many drives.

This is a quite common trouble and is caused by a faulty SCSI configuration. Usually this happens if one of the devices attached shares the same SCSI ID with the SCSI controller (which is usually #0 on SGI systems). Check the configuration of all devices and if possible use autoconfiguration methods available with some drivesleds.

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Personal Iris PSU replacement

Powersupply problems are not uncommon with Personal Iris systems. Unplug the powercord, then open the opposite side of the E-Module and remove the sheetmetal. The powersupply has 2 replaceable fuses which are worth to check as well as the proper cabling. One fuse is on the small daughtercard, the other is next to that card and usually covered with a blue plastic cap.

If the PSU is completely dead and replacing with an original one or having it repaired it is not an option it might be a a possibility to swap another PSU into the Personal Iris. You may have seen pictures on the web that show systems equipped with PC powersupplys. This guide is intended to supply you with all the required information.