Sirius Video


Sirius Video is a broadcast quality video input/output option for Silicon Graphics highend systems equipped with Reality Engine, Reality Engine 2 or Infinite Reality. It can also be used in PowerSeries or Challenge server configurations.

It is the successor to the VideoLab option, which was used along with the older VGX/VGXT (aka PowerVision) graphics option.

Sirius Video is supported on:

The Sirius Video VO2 board is a VME expansion board. It is supported to install more than one of these boards in a single system.

On systems equipped with Reality Engine or Infinite Reality one VO2 board is connected to the the Display Generator board using a mezzanine board that is installed on the DG. For a Reality Engine a PAB1 board is required, for Infinite Reality a PAB 2 board.


Sirius Video VO2 board.

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