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Welcome to You will find on this website information on the systems and the software manufactured by Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) as well as lots of tips and tricks relating to this subject.

This is a re-relase of the website which has been online from 2001 up until some time in 2009. The new website features a slightly newer look and is still maintained.

To keep track of the changes on the website please look down or watch the RSS feed.

New on the site

Fixed a couple other things, added a few youtube links to individual systems pages.
I've noticed the site was broken for quite a while. I think I have fixed the majority of issues, but there are a few things that still need to be done. I am still on hiatus and I don't think I have much content to add at the moment but I'll add some links and pointers to the exciting new stuff that happend during the last couple of years on the net. Test
Fixed a few more bugs that had been around for quite a while.
I can't believe that it has been way more than a year since I last did something around here. Sadly I have to say I guess it won't be much different in the future. When I started the sgistuff effort in the early 2000s I was a student, I had lots of free time back then.

Times have changed and I'm in a regular job for almost 10 years now. This leaves only evenings and weekends for any hobby. That's why there are so few updates in recent years. I will keep my collection and the website will stay online. As far as I can see there won't be any big additions soon, but at least I'll do bugfixes.
The newest addition to the collection is an Indy with Indy Video and Cosmo Compression option. During the last weeks updates to various sections of the website have been made. A noteable addition is the easter egg page in the funstuff section. Other additions include modifications to the video pages as well as the documentation on other hardware page.
I have added a youtube channel in which I try to collect SGI related videos found on youtube (Playlists). Also, every now and then I'll post a video of my own featuring SGI hardware or software (Videos). You find the channel under the name of Dingens2011.
New entry in the hardware collection, Indigo with Galileo Video. The video section of the website has been expanded during the last weeks.
Once again a year has passed. I wish all of you very happy holidays and all the best for the upcoming year 2012. I hope it is going to be a great and peaceful year for all of us.
Recent upgrades to the website include some more details on the non SGI collection as well as higher resolution images all across the website. In addition to that some minor tweaks were made to the pages relating to IRIS 4D products (Crimson, PowerSeries, etc.).
Currently the collection section is expanded with information on other systems which are not made by SGI. Previously this was intended to be collected on a different website but it is easier to maintain just one website. Updates both on SGI and other systems will continue during the next weeks.
During the last two weeks many little updates were made to the website, especially to the Indigo 2 and IRIS 3130 pages. There is also a short overview on the video options for Impact graphics in the video section.

Work on the systems in the collection continues. Presenter option added to Indigo 2, upgrade to Maximum Impact graphics and Impact compression on Indigo 2.
This weekend small bits have been tweaked, the largest upgrade has been made to the collection as well as the Indigo 2 and Indy section (lots of pictures).
Some updates to the collection section. Currently there is ongoing work on some projects.
Small update to the long neglected video section. Cleaned up the introduction and added little details on some video options along with pictures of the hardware.
So I forgot to mention the websites birthday. The original website was uploaded over 10 years ago approximately April/May 2001. Back then Octane 2 and O2+ were recently introduced.

SGI collecting started a little bit earlier in November 2000 with an Indigo Elan. Since then the collection has significantly grown. It includes about 40 systems weighing more than a metric ton. All machines powered up would be the equivalent to a ~14.000W room heater.
Hardware information page on SGI 320 and 540 Visual Workstations added to the website.
Finally something new: An SGI 540 Visual Workstation (Dual 550 MHz Xeon, SDI option) has joined the collection. So updates regarding the early Intel based systems are coming up.
I hope you had very nice holidays and I wish you all the best for the new year 2011.
Since the last update there have been a few tweaks to system pages: The operating systems notes have been amended and the part number lists are making a slow return. The page on the Personal Iris PSU replacement was missing, it is back now.
Added some more bits on choosing an appropriate operating system relase to the system pages.
In the basic concept of the website it was planned to keep hardware topics separate from software topics. Current updates to the system descriptions include thoughts on choosing an appropriate operating system release.

The upgrade is not finished yet but all system pages from IRIS 1000 up to Indy / Indigo 2 have a little part on the operating system. This has been suggested by a reader and I actually think it is a good idea, given that no system makes much sense without an OS to run it.

Let me know what you think. Please, let me use this occasion to ask for any feedback / comments. Feel free to contact me with anything you have on your mind regarding this website.
Added info on Origin 3000 / Onyx 3000 and Origin 300 / Onyx 300 from the old page. This leaves the Onyx 4 as the last missing IRIX/MIPS system.
Recent updates include the Origin 350 / Onyx 350 page as well as added info on the Tezro and Fuel pages.
A few fresh pictures from the collection were added: Professional Iris 4D/50 boardset including Clover 1 graphics. Details on the system can be found here.
Also, a few glitches in the collection section were fixed recently.
Some other pages were also amended during the last weeks, especially the O2 and Origin 2000 / Onyx 2 pages.
Legacy website at has been removed since most of the content has been added to this new website.
Also I'd like to set a pointer to an interview that was made in June 2009. It's in German but deals with SGI and IRIX in general. It can be found on the POFACS website over here.
Added some screenshots to IRIX introduction.
Another little weekend update. This time a bunch of new pictures has been added to the Indigo page.
This weekend update includes pictures of Fuel, Octane, O2 and Onyx 2 systems in the hardware section and other related pages.
Recently I did work on my Collection. I added a decent Fuel system as one of the last IRIX/MIPS systems that were ever made. Also, I upgraded some of my older machines with nice stuff like a Presenter flatpanel. As work is done on the collection more pages will be added on this website.
An SGI Fuel was recently added to the collection. Thus the hardware pages on the Fuel workstation have been moved to the new website. Also, a few more benchmarking results are available.
The last couple of weeks I spent adding bits and pieces to various pages in the Hardware section.

Currently the systems pages are more or less done up to the Origin 2000 / Octane / O2 era leaving only the latest and last of the IRIX/MIPS systems to add (Fuel, Origin 3000, Tezro).

When this is done work will concentrate on getting the collection data and more pictures back online. The sometimes old and really crappy pictures of the old page will be replaced by new higher resolution photos in the process.
The current version of the new SGIstuff website is now open for the public:

It is still "beta" because not everything has been moved from the old website to the new one. For example individual pages on the latest SGI systems are not available so far and pictures are a rare sight at the moment.

The missing bits and pieces will be added during the regular maintenance of the website.
It's been a while since upgrades to the sgistuff website have been available. Part of this was caused by lack of spare time and part of this was also caused by the old server getting out of my control.

For quite some months I've been working on a new sgistuff website. Honestly, I'm far from finished but just like the old one did grow in public... I guess the new one can too.

This weekend I'll review the content that has been moved so far and I will open the new website as a public preview some time on Sunday. Some parts will be missing and parts will need maintainance, but it is a start and I'll try to fill the gaps as time permits.
Progress has been good lateley, most of the content will be on the new website some time in February 2010. At that point there will be a soft opening of the website during which the last missing bits like the museum pages and the photo gallery will be added.
Added RSS Feed to website.
Progress has been painfully slow during the last months. Still working on upgrade.
Opened some sections as a preview for testing purposes.
Complete redesign of the website.

SGI related news

Since SGI has been bought by Rackable Systems few news are to be expected that relate to the classic SGI systems featured on this website.

Over 2 years after the old SGI is no longer no regular updates to this news section will stop. If you want to follow the news regarding Rackable Systems / SGI beyond summer 2011 please visit their website.

Fifth generation Altix ICE announced (link).
ICE Cube Air announced (link).
Prism XL Platform announced (link).
Altix UV 1000 systems announced (link).
Next generation of Altix ICE announced (link).
SGI introduces Origin 400 servers (link). Despite the name these systems are totally unrelated to the previous Origin products.
SGI unveils the new Altix UV (link).
Introduction of the Octane III (link). Clearly a Rackable Systems product this computer has nothign in common with the classic Octane and Octane 2.
Rackable Systems acquires Silicon Graphics computer systems (link).