Other OS


Many of the popular open source operating systems are ported to SGI hardware to some extent. This section will feature a brief description of these operating systems and link to the project website for further and more current information.

Please note that these operating systems are often far from "production level". This means there may be unstable parts, no support for installation from CD-ROM, etc. Also, support for hardware may be limited since hardware documentation and time are limited resources for the developers.


Debian Linux

Silicon Graphics systems are supported in the debian-mips port which is intended to be run on big endian machines (in contrast to the debian-mipsel port). The supported systems are:

Project website: Debian MIPS

Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux also features a port to the MIPS-platform. The supported systems are:

Project website: Gentoo Linux MIPS




NetBSD is being ported to a wide range of hardware platforms. So it is no surprise that SGI/Mips machines are among these platforms. Supported systems include:

Project website: NetBSD/sgimips


The SGI port is a rather new addition to OpenBSD. Currently OpenBSD supports the following SGI systems:

Project website: OpenBSD/sgi