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XFS: A Next Generation Journalled 64-Bit Filesystem
With Guaranteed Rate I/O

Mike Holton
Raj Das
Silicon Graphics, Inc

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

XFS is Silicon Graphics' next-generation filesystem and volume manager for IRIX systems. XFS represents a leap into the future of filesystem management, providing a 64-bit journalled filesystem that can handle large files quickly and reliably. In addition, XFS provides the unique feature of guaranteed rate I/O that leverages Silicon Graphics' intimate knowledge of media serving environments. As a next generation product, XFS was designed as a new fully integrated product, rather than a modification of an existing product. Thus, important filesystem features such as journalling were seamlessly integrated into XFS, instead of being awkwardly added to an existing filesystem.

This paper is dedicated to describing the superior features of the XFS filesystem and its underlying architecture. Installation and administration of XFS are only roughly described. For more details, please see the XFS Administration Guide: "Getting Started With XFS Filesystem".

2.0 Opening New Opportunities

3.0 Product Features

4.0 Known Limitations

Although a powerful filesystem, XFS does possess some limitations worth mentioning:

5.0 Design Architecture Overview

The following sections provides an overview of each component in the XFS architecture: System Call and Vnode Interfaces, Lock Manager, NameSpace Manager, Attribute Manager, Space Manager, Log Manager, Buffer Cache, Guaranteed Rate I/O, Volume Manager, and Disk Drivers.

6.0 Implementation

The following section outlines the installation and commands of the XFS filesystem. A more thorough discussion may be found in the XFS Administration Guide called "Getting Started With XFS Filesystem".

7.0 Road Map to the Future

XFS Data Sheet is available online


Note: Although the implementation is integral, XLV may be packaged and sold separately from XFS.

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