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Last updated: October 4, 2000

These pages contain collected experiences and comment on SGIs Power Series (including Crimson) and Onyx RealityEngine machines. The Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service (GIS Unit) currently has three Crimson RealityEngine machines, two Onyx RealityEngine2 and one Onyx 10000 InfiniteReality rack (as well as a host of other SGI stuff). Our main purpose for these machines is the design and implementation of spatial decision support systems. SDSS (our definition) allow scientists and decision makers to realistically visualize and model spatial phenomena. Current terrestrial applications use data layers from geographic information systems and environmental modelling programs with the user being able to (a) visualize data layers on a terrain surface and (b) adjust and observe environmental modelling processes. Future development is intended to expand the domain of this system to 3-dimensional volumentric phenomena from both marine and terrestrial applications.


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